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I started my journey at a high volume PetSmart in Florida in 2004.  After a few years of training dogs, I got promoted to Area Pet Training Instructor, training new trainers for the district.  After almost 8 years, I decided to start my own business and pursue my passion to create a format providing the best possible training experience for both dogs and their owners.  I relocated to New York in February of 2015 and have picked up where I left off, working primarily in Port Washington.  In my 16 years as a dog trainer, I've worked with thousands of dogs of various breeds. I am comfortable training any command including but not limited to sit, down, come, stay, leave it, drop it,  wait, place, walking politely on leash, heel, etc.  I am also able to help relieve problem behaviors such as barking, mouthing, chewing, jumping, house-training, etc.  I am very familiar when it comes to gently dealing with fear or aggression. I absolutely LOVE my "job".  This is my calling.

Our Mission:

We are a full service company that tailors to the needs of our clients through services such as walking and training. Our mission is to exceed our clients' expectations. Our emphasis on well-mannered leash behavior along with our commitment to the safety of our clients' pets and our employees distinguishes us from other dog service companies.  We don't just walk your dog, we engage them.  

We LOVE to hear from you! We encourage all feedback, good or bad. Your feedback helps us improve our business. You can leave anonymous comments or request to keep your name included.


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Lindsey McCrimmon


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